Northern School of Hair & Beauty

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About us

The NSHB is a new hair and beauty training school, founded by top stylist Frankie Copsey.

Having worked in the industry for over 23 years, accomplishing many things within this time, Frankie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to a new generation of potential hair and beauty professionals.

The foundations of NSHB
Frankie began her training in a reputable salon in the Leeds area and in 1997, worked in partnership with Max Cramer, soon becoming manager of a group of 12 hair & beauty salons up accross the country.

After taking time out to raise a family, Frankie returned to the industry and joined one of the worlds leading salon groups as a trainer, inspiring young stylists and therapists throughout the country. Decideding to settle closer to home and she then worked at a local college as a tutor in both hair & beauty for a further 5 years, obtaining a PCET Teaching qualification and a BA in Teaching, Training and Education.

I am passionate about providing the highest standard of education and training. This is what the industry wants and we can and will deliver this at NSHB.

Inspired by her burning desire to provide the industry with the highest standard of education and training, Frankie founded the Northern School of Hair & Beauty in 2008.